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OS Optical Sensing

The Power Technologies (PT) OSL distributed temperature sensing solutions consist of a fiber-optic sensor cable attached to the enclosure of the bus duct. Accurate insight of the operation health condition of the Bus Ducts relies on availability of real-time data on temperature measurements along the Bus Ducts, Ambient Temperature and loadings on the Bus Duct temperature, covering all feeders, joints and tees by using an Optical Module instrument that these fiber optic cables are terminated. Our solution measures every interval point of each bus duct, offering thousands of temperature points.

Alarm zones are freely configurable, with various user-programmable temperature alarms like static and rate-of-rise. This ensures fast detection of critical hot spots while minimizing unwanted false alarms.


In case of an alarm, operators are automatically pointed to developing busduct hot spots by using the features of PT OSL’s busduct monitoring solution:


• Advanced Data Analytics and pattern analysis allow user to predict the hotspot even before the preset alarm.


• Measure Ambient Temperature for temperature rise [∆T] calculation as per IEC61489 / IEC60489.


• Generating alarms in specific particular zones when hot spots are identified and precisely located.


• Providing an intuitive 3D display of the entire busduct temperature distribution ducts in different colour, enabling the instant correlation of the hotspots and their alarms.


• Integration with BMS/SCADA through various protocols i.e., Modbus RTU(RS485), Modbus TCP/IP & Ethernet where temperature values and alarms can be processed further.

24 / 7 / 365 Temperature monitoring to detect overheat

Burnouts in a power bus bar can be prevented by quickly and accurately detecting abnormal rises in temperature and locating the hot spots. As bus bars are surrounded by strong electric fields, conventional electric sensors such as thermocouple thermometers are not suitable for this purpose. Bus bars also sometimes follow complicated paths through plant structures and other types of buildings and may have a number of blind spots that cannot be readily imaged using thermal imaging cameras.

The OSL FODTS is a unique and innovative temperature monitoring solution that uses an optical fibre cable as a temperature sensor. Since the sensor is not affected by electromagnetic noise, the FODTS is able to monitor distribution of temperature in units of 1-meter accuracy under a strong electric EMC & EMI field. By quickly detecting overheating and pinpointing the location of a hotspot, the FODTS ensures that any problem can be responded to immediately, before it leads to a costly and expensive plant shutdown. The optical fibre cable can be installed directly on a bus bar and on the surface of a bus duct or cover. 

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Our solutions monitor key application areas, including:

• Transmission and distribution cables / busducts;

• HVDC/ HVAC underground power cables;

• Power cable joints, terminations, tunnels and trenches;

• Export cables, array cables & interconnectors;

• Overhead lines & transformers;

• Utility tunnels;

• Substation equipment;

• Data Center Overhead Busway.


• Industry-leading temperature measurement technology with fast response times, excellent accuracy and low maintenance.


• All product variations are fully certified and in compliance with internationally recognized standards.


• Our experience and proven deployment in all regions in the world – our project reference list is extensive and comprehensive. We have 10 years of experience with predictive continuous busduct monitoring.


• Range of certified sensor cables to fit every need.


• Easy system integration through flexible protocols and interfaces.


• Local and International service, support and training.

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