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As the leading importer of thermal and temperature sensors in Thailand, our focus remains on importing only the best international brands. Our products monitor abnormal temperatures and loose components to avoid serious accidents to life and assets. Some examples include: critical temperature indicator clips and stickers from IRISS in the United Kingdom, absolute heat measurement systems by OS Fiber Optic to detail loosened insulators or nuts from OS Optical Sensing, electrical appliances and electrical system protection against Arc Fault from ZYGGOT, wireless abnormal temperature sensors for loosened nuts, insulators, or degraded electrical equipment from PTSenR in Singapore, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) from PTS, and fire-rated power cables from VITALink. All of these products have received awards and certified standards from the Electrical Industry Awards in 2018 and have been tested and certified by SGS, CISPR, IEC, IEEE, ROHS, etc.

electherm products-01.jpg

Hot  Connection Indicator

Color-changing visual components serve as over-temperature indicators for electrical assets 24/7

electherm products-02.jpg

Fibre Optic Temperature Sensing

Real-time data on temperature measurements along the bus ducts

electherm products-03.jpg

Arc Flash Protection

Contactless online thermography and arc-flash protection 

electherm products-04.jpg

Self-powered Wireless Temperature Sensor

Monitoring and protected systems based on networks of smart Iot Sensors

electherm products-05.jpg

Automatic Transfer Switch

A novel power supply transfer device with wider purposes

electherm products-06.jpg

Fire Rated Power 

Control cable 600/100V

2-hour fire resistive with

UL certification 

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